Manchipster Plaice

15 Oct

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Just one short week on from the heady heights of the Manchester Food and Drink Festival (MFDF) and I’m back to reviewing chippies. No more swaggering around Manchester indulging in Fergus Henderson inspired dinners, imbibing cocktails or ingesting more meat than a woman knows what to do with. Instead, it’s back to the day job, cooking for myself and at the end of a long week, giving myself a break and partaking in the legendary Northern pastime that is the Friday chippy tea.

Off the back of my review of Leo’s Fish Bar, (decent chips, piss poor gravy), the great and good of the Manchester food scene got in touch and roll called the gravy (sorry) of the Manchester chipper scene. Whilst Armstrong’s in Prestwich came with a strong shout out, Didsbury won out, serving up two recommendations in the form of Foster’s Fish and Frankie’s Fish Bar. Unfortunately, I don’t live in Didsbury, and whilst I am EXACTLY the type of girl who would travel on the promise of a great steak and kidney pudding, for now, I’m digging around for town-based gems.

So, Manchipster Plaice. Based out the back arse of the Printworks and next to a gentleman’s club, I imagine it gets some quite heavy traffic of a weekend, when the most unimaginative and unsavoury of Manchester’s visitors need to soak up their rum and cokes. For my purposes, it’s conveniently located on the route back home from work, making it worth parting cash for alone despite the god awful name, naffly reminiscent of tanning shop naming conventions the country over.

Manchipster Plaice

Manchipster Plaice

Nicely trussed up for a chippy, this place ain’t soft and fluffy on the inside. On the several occasions I’ve visited, patrons are greeted as standard by a minimum of two beautifully foul-mouthed women, confident in the fact that a career involving a deep fat fryer isn’t for them. They’re usually good fun, but less so when you’re barked at for your order within mere seconds of arrival, as I was on this particular occasion. Not that you need long to peruse a chippy menu. Chips, gravy and steak and kidney pudding please.*

Steak and Kidney Pudding, Chips and Gravy

Steak and Kidney Pudding

Having eaten here before, expectations weren’t high for the chips. On one notable occasion, the main event moonlighted as an oven chip, surely the lowliest rendering of a potato-based treat. Determined to give Manchipster Plaice a fair trial, in its defence, the chips aren’t always so terrible, but even on this particular outing, the potato was dry inside and out. The gravy is better than Leo’s, being thicker and meatier in flavour and texture, and the steak and kidney pudding wasn’t bad, offering a good portion of meat to go at, though sadly the suet was a little thin, making this god of takeaway fodder a sore disappointment.

On account of the chips, Manchipster Plaice has got to go, but where to next? I’ve heard good things about the chippy tucked away at the bottom of Tib Street, but opening until 4pm on a week day and lunch only on Saturday makes honouring the Friday night ritual a little tricky. I need help here people. Which city centre based chippies float your gravy boat? (Again, sorry).

* I have decided to abandon my constant variable, the sausage. Following further research on the subject, they are a seriously lacking food specimen and a sham of what a sausage should be, and resultantly have been dropped from my research project.


One Response to “Manchipster Plaice”

  1. Kat Crass Stitch (@Crass_Stitch) October 17, 2012 at 2:18 pm #

    Can I recommend the chippy on Liverpool Road? Not a bad fry and the man behind the counter will without fail flirt his head off with you. Perfect for the kind of day when you’re too pissed or too tired to make your own tea.

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