MFDF: Awards

9 Oct

So, that’s it for the Manchester Food and Drink Festival (MFDF) for another year. No more binge eating street food on Albert Square, supping beer and cider by the pint, ace value restaurant taster menus or local producers schlepping their wares. Were it not for the copious amounts of food and drink consumed in the name of capturing all that has been great and good about the last two weeks, I’m sure I’d feel empty. Instead, I’m in dire need of a detox and a miniature blogging break.

Thankfully, not all is lost. Finishing on a high note, the final fanfare in the form of the MFDF awards has helped pinpoint all that is currently great and good in the food and drink scene across our fair city, providing a handy guide to get you through the coming winter months, when the need for sustenance and great hospitality is at an all time high. Taking place last night at The Lowry Hotel, the winners were announced following the annual gala dinner, which lying tucked up in bed, (praying I be spared from festival-induced gout), I sadly didn’t get to enjoy.

What I did get to enjoy was the live Twitter commentary from the ceremony, particularly the run up, where everyone tweeted how off their tits they were, though who didn’t enjoy the pictures of Lee Frost of WH Frost Butchers fame, winner of last years Best Food and Drink Retail Outlet, in a bow tie?

So, in case you missed it, the winners of the MFDF Awards 2012 are…

Restaurant of the Year Aumbry, Prestwich

Chef of the Year Andrew Nutter, Nutter’s, Rochdale

Pub of the Year Port Street Beer House, Manchester

Bar of The Year Liar’s Club, Manchester

Newcomer of the Year Bakerie and Bakerie Tasting Store

Food Pub Of the Year Shoulder of Mutton, HolcombeVillage, Bury

Casual Dining Venue of the Year Teacup, Manchester

Food and Drink Retailer of the Year Booths, MediaCity UK.

Coffee Bar of The Year North Tea Power, Manchester

Wine Retailer of the Year Hanging Ditch, Manchester

Food Pioneer Almost Famous, Manchester

Family Friendly Venue of the Year Croma

Food Hero Beau Myers, Marie Carter and The Team at Almost Famous

Howard and Ruth Award for Outstanding Achievement David Fox, Tampopo

Truly Good Food Award Trove, Levenshulme

Voted by the public, there wasn’t a great deal in the way of surprises, though how the pig did Home Sweet Home lose out to Teacup? (Shocking service, FYI). Aumbry, still setting the fine dining bar across Greater Manchester, makes for a very deserving winner of the highly coveted top prize, further cemented by its number 57 ranking at last night’s National Restaurant Awards. Bakerie’s arrival on the scene, bringing a much needed easy-going and perfect for sharing dinner option is also a joy to see on the list, as are the two award nods for Almost Famous.

Trailing a blaze this year with the pop-up gone permanent burger restaurant, and a master class in how to deliver a buzz through social media, Almost Famous has played a huge part in putting some oomph into the Manchester restaurant scene and delivered some of the craziest fricking burger concepts known to man. (The 50 Shades of Bacon Burger was a particular highlight). Food hero indeed!

Other winners have delivered some of the best experiences of this year’s festival, including Andrew Nutter, with his proper local food cook off with Robert Owen Brown, not to mention whacking his jewels out for charity, plus Port Street Beer House, winner of pub of the year, which delivered a blinder along with Common in organising Indy Man Beer Con, a beautiful lesson in how to truly celebrate real ale.

So, that’s my two penneth worth. What do you think of this year’s winners? Any establishments from those nominated you were sad to see miss out? Who should be on the list next year, following the recent crop of new establishments, especially in the Northern Quarter, with the arrival of SoLita and The Blue Pig? Which Manchester food and drink diamonds do you want to see shine?


2 Responses to “MFDF: Awards”

  1. laurencoulman October 9, 2012 at 9:48 pm #

    Absolutely agree. It’s such a good location and nice little concept that I always live in hope, but yet to be rewarded for my faith.

  2. Kat Crass Stitch (@Crass_Stitch) October 9, 2012 at 6:15 pm #

    Yep, the Teacup/Home Sweet Home thing baffled me too. Amazing pulled pork vs. the kind of pizza you’d probably make when v hungry or v drunk. Not bad, but not awardwinning. And as for the service, well I’ve had v good and v bad in Teacup, but to have experienced the latter at all isn’t great…

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