29 Jul

It was only meant to be a drink. Just a few glasses of a something lovely and a catch up, but as these stories so often go, it sadly didn’t work out that way. Now, I’d like to tell you that Holly and I, a good friend from back home in Bolton, had a night of drunken debauchery in the more disreputable drinking dens of Manchester, but as you’ll come to find with me, it was altogether less rock and roll. Instead of drinking up a storm, I got side lined by my preferred poison of food, and for me my friends, it rocked.

A late finish at work put the kibosh on a quick tea, so Holly and I headed out in search of a quick, satisfying smackerel of something to eat on our way to Spinningfields, where the sun was shining and cocktails called. The required manna came in the form of Slice, a new pizza place on Stevenson Square just a stone’s throw from my flat, serving up pizza by the slice and some pretty tasty gelato (in which I have already indulged far too often in the three short weeks since it opened).*

Slice, Stevenson Square

Pizza Window, Slice

Owned and run by Liam and Matt, they make the dough and bake the pizzas fresh every day, dishing up fabulous flavour combinations displayed with pride in the serving window. Holly chose a gorgonzola, zucchini and cherry tomato number whilst I opted for a sausage, potato and rosemary slice, both perfectly sized to munch on whilst walking through the muggy streets of an unusually sunny Manchester, (though you can sit in or outside the eaterie should you so wish and watch the bearded hipsters go by).  

The pizzas are baked in large sheets and cut into bite sized squares, in the style of pizza al taglio in Italy, Holly assures me. Delivering a firm but soft and light crust, combined with delectable toppings such as a previously ‘tested’ tomato and anchovy delight, Slice makes for pretty happy eating. At £2.50 a portion, it ain’t too shabby for a decent piece of pizza on the go, (though you could easily inhale two), and it sufficiently lined our stomachs for the drinking that was about to ensue.

Gorgonzola, Zucchini and Cherry Tomato and Sausage, Potato and Rosemary Slice

Nutella and Banana Focaccia. Apparently, Manchester aren’t buying into it, but you should. Salty focaccia and sweet chocolate heaven.

A visit to The Yacht Club for a bottle of wine and a couple of Carluccio’s desserts later, (as Penelope’s Ice Cream, Spinningfields’ new pop-up shuts up hut at 5pm), the evening whole resulted in two sublimely happy ladies. Our finest achievement was spending a good deal more on the booze than we did on the food, but despite the unexpected indulgence, I feel we have a new tradition in the making.

Penelope’s Ice Cream, Spinningfields

Despite the distinct lack of street food on offer in our fair city, or dedicated late night dessert places for that matter, I plan to head up every after work drinking session with cheap, good quality and easy to eat snack food on the go, (NOT take away), before pickling myself in alcohol and mopping it up with a soupçon of something sweet. Rest assured though, if I do overdo it on the boozing, I can always head back to Slice for a late night bite, as thankfully it’s open til 1am every night but Sunday.

Prices: Pizza up to £2.75

* Coffee can be purchased too, but unless it comes in cocktail form, I won’t be indulging. Limoncello gelato on the other hand…


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